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resized_250x375_bigstock_Chiropractor_And_Patient_Isola_4322306.jpgAdvanced Healing in Union, NJ provides treatment and rehabilitation for patient pain and personal injuries. Dr. Michael P. Willemse is dedicated to helping you find lasting relief.

Whether you are suffering from a personal injury, such as an auto accident, work or sports injury, or chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and headache, we are prepared to help soothe your pain. Our Union chiropractic clinic primarily serve the cities of Union, Elizabeth, Kenilworth, Mountainside, Westfield, Hillside, Springfield and Maplewood.

Dr. Michael P. Willemse has extensive training and experience in a wide variety of spine related problems. He also is a member of the ACA, the ANJC, and several other chiropractic-related organizations.

Chiropractors Alleviate Neck Pain, Headaches, and Back Pain

Dr. Michael P. Willemse believes in a multidisciplinary approach to addressing acute and chronic pain. Spinal adjustments are the most effective and most non-invasive way to relieve most back and neck pain as well as headache and other extremity pain. However, in order to make the pain stay gone, other disciplines such as corrective exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice and massage therapy are extremely beneficial.

Nearly every kind of pain, apart from broken bones and similar trauma, can be treated without surgery using chiropractic methods. Personal injury such as whiplash, chronic back pain and fibromyalgia all respond positively to this form of treatment. This is due to a common source of pain: nerve pain, which is relieved by spinal adjustments.

Neck pain, back pain and other problems can be removed permanently (barring trauma) by our course of corrective exercise, massage therapy, diet and lifestyle planning. This plan, made specifically for your needs, will also speed your road to recovery. These habits, if kept beyond our treatment of your specific problem, will help you reach your full health potential.

chiro_care.pngCorrective exercise and massage therapy are geared toward relieving inflammation and strengthening the muscles you need to maintain proper body alignment. The chronic pain from sedentary lifestyles and traumatic injury can prevent you from maintaining proper posture, and as certain postural muscles are not used as frequently, they begin to disengage from their task, which further compounds your problems.

Nutrition and lifestyle choices speed up your recovery and keep you healthy by avoiding unhealthy foods and habits, while promoting healthy foods and habits. Proper diet and hydration provide the building blocks for a healthy and stable body. Exercise strengthens your body, mind and soul. Stress management, proper rest and smoking cessation also contribute greatly to your well being and health.

Dr. Michael P. Willemse will be able to create a plan of recovery and health with you and help you achieve your full potential.