Meet The Naturopath

Laurén M. Laurino is a versatile Naturopathic Doctor, Philanthropist, Humanitarian and Best Selling Author.

During her studies she completed a 3-year apprenticeship with Dr. J. Doreen Harris of Frenchtown, NJ and has studied with many Masters in the Integrative Health field.

In 2013, after graduating from Trinity School of Natural Health, Dr. Ren earned her board certification through the American Naturopathic Medical Association. She then founded the first NJ Holistic Chamber of Commerce; serving as chapter President for 1 year. In 2014 Dr Ren was mentioned under Alumni in the Union County College spring newsletter for her ‘Holistic Health Crusade’; subsequently winning the ANMA Higher Achievement award for her natural health advocacy.

Dr. Ren specializes in Nutritional and Naturopathic Counseling, Event Coordination and Holistic Health Education. She is the point person for The Advanced Healing and Pain Relief Centers Workshops.

She was given the title “America’s Holistic Sweetheart” for her dynamic personality and voluntary efforts with the New York Open Center’s production office. 

Dr. Ren continues to help educate the public on Holistic Lifestyle approaches thru her public appearances at schools, conferences, and her Union TV 34 show “Think Healthy with Dr Ren”.

In 2015 she launched “Dr. Ren and FriendZ” which are 7 cartoon characters, each representing different health themes to help her teach nutrition to children.

Certifications include:

CNHP- Certified Natural Health Professional

MH- Master Herbalist

CNC- Certified Nutritional Counselor

CHS- Certified Health Specialist

CC- Certified Life Coach

CPP- Certified Color Puncture Practitioner

HH- Healing Hands

Rain Drop Therapy


Reiki Level I

Trained as:

Massage therapist

DONA Birth Doula

End of life Doula

Ordained Minister

Bach flowers

Essential Oils



Body Work

Body Systems

Light Touch Therapy (LTT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping)



Dried and Live blood analysis

Currently studying:

Placenta encapsulation.


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